Creating a Pet Trust in Michigan

A Pet Trust is the best way to ensure that your pets are looked after and provided for after you’re gone.

Are you a pet lover in Michigan?

Do you worry about what will become of your furry family member if something should happen to you?

Don’t worry, there is a way for you to provide for them no matter what the future holds. By creating a Pet Trust, you can have the peace of mind that all of their needs – from food to healthcare and much more – are taken care of even after you’re gone.

Our family has two dogs and we know just how important our fur babies are to us – and how yours are to you!

A Pet Trust is the best way to ensure that your pets are looked after and provided for after you’re gone. And don’t worry about the logistics – incorporating a Pet Trust into your Estate Plan is a simple and straightforward process. Let us help you make a lasting commitment to your beloved pets.

Choosing a Caretaker

The first decision to make is identifying a Caretaker to take custody of your pets upon your passing. You should talk with this individual before establishing the Pet Trust to ensure they are willing and able to take care of your pets. You can also name a Successor Caretaker as a contingency.

Determine the Funding of Your Pet Trust

The next decision involves identifying your pets needs from a financial perspective. You should determine how much money your Caretaker will need monthly to cover the costs of food, routine vet visits, medications, preventatives like flea/tick and heartworm, grooming, toys, treats, replacement supplies, and much more. Once you’ve determined this amount of money, you can estimate their remaining life to get an idea of how much to fund the Pet Trust with.

Don’t forget to consider extras, like room and board for your Caretaker’s vacations, daycare for socialization, dog walkers, etc.

Develop a Plan for Distributions

Once you’ve identified what your pet’s needs are, you should develop a plan for how you want your Caretaker to utilize these funds. It will be helpful for your Caretaker to know how often your pet visits the vet, what kind of food they eat and where to buy it, and whether you want your pet to take supplements. Essentially, you need to provide your Caretaker with guidelines about how liberal to be with distributions and the financial care of your pets.

Decide what Happens if Your Pet Passes Away

Finally, you need to have a contingency plan for your pet’s end-of-life. Do you want to provide your Caretaker with your wishes? Do you want your pet buried or cremated? Where should any remaining Pet Trust funds go?

Maybe remaining food and supplies are donated to a local shelter? Maybe any remaining funds are as well? Or maybe they remain with the Caretaker as a “thank you”?

Conclusion: Pet Trust in Michigan

Setting up a Pet Trust in Michigan is a great way to ensure that your beloved pet will be taken care of if anything should ever happen to you. A Pet Trust can provide peace of mind for both you as the pet owner and your furry friend knowing that they will have everything they need taken care of should anything happen to you. While setting up a Pet Trust takes a bit of time, the thoughtfulness and love behind creating one is something no amount of money can ever buy. No matter where you are located in the State of Michigan, Cornerstone Legal can help guide you through the process quickly, efficiently, and with plenty of customer service along the way. Contact Cornerstone Legal today to set up your Pet Trust – because there is nothing more important than providing complete care for your furry friends.

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